Alhadidico marine services (AMSCO), began operating in the last 1980’s as general ship supplier and marine contractor and has become one of Egypt leading general ship supplier.

The company then kept on growing to include catering services , agency matters and other services to meet our customer’s needs.

Since then we operate ceaselessly and consistently providing high standard ship supplying services, with experienced and well trained staff to fulfill your needs faster, better and cheaper.


Specialized in the supply of Fresh & Dry provisions, bonded stores, deck, engine, cabin, l Chemical, safety equipments, B. A. charts & nautical publications,  spare parts forwarding and custom clearance, we’re able to serve the maritime industry all over Egypt  with quality, reliable service 24 hours, 7 days a week.


Our company services are available all over Egyptian ports anywhere and anytime.

Alhadidico marine services (AMSCO) are the right choice you should consider if you want quality, competitive pricing and a variety of products and services.


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