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We are operating in major shipping hubs worldwide.We have our presence in all major and minor ports of Egypt,Far East and middle east ports.

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We provide the entire range of Chandlery such as Deck, Engine, Electric, Electronics, Cabin, Medical, Stationery, Fire Fighting Appliances, Life Saving equipments, Pyrotechnics, anti-piracy accessories and Dry Provisions & Frozen and Fresh meat/vegetables, etc..Vessels using our services include cargo,tankers, bulk carriers, cruise ships, research vessels, offshore support vessels and supply vessels.

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Eugenia Street, Majestic Tower, 2nd Floor. P.O. Box 734, Port Said42511, Egypt Office Tel: +2066 3335958 - Office Fax: +2066 3246434 - Mob: +2012 3171670 - Website : - Email: -

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  • Alhadidico Marine Services (AMSCO) began operating in the late 1980s as a general ship supplier and marine contractor and has become one of Egypt leading general ship supplier.
  • The company kept on growing to include catering services , agency matters and other services to meet our customers’ needs.
  • Since then we have been operating ceaselessly and consistently providing high standard ship supplying services with the help of the experienced and well trained staff to fulfill your needs faster, better and cheaper.
  • We specialize in the supply of fresh , dry provisions, bonded , deck, engine, cabin stores, chemical products, safety equipments, B. A. charts, nautical publications, forwarding spare parts and custom clearance. We are able to serve the maritime industry all over Egypt with quality, reliable service 24 hours, 7 days a week.


Welcome to the Alhadidico Marine Services (AMSCO) company website where you will be able to find information regarding every aspect of our company which we deal with and learn where we operate. You will also know the facts about our mission , core values and leadership , as well as the latest company news .
Our company committed to providing materials and services consistent with the highest possible standards and requirements of each individual client. Time, quality and special offers are the secret of our success.
We encourage you to browse our website , read about our exciting business and learn more about the case we are dealing with. You may notice that we are in many ways unique and have our philosophy . It is this varied mix of virtue and ingenuity that will enable us to continue fulfilling our vision to be a growth-oriented services leader for many years to come .



Dealing with unscrupulous services companies with dubious track records is one of the greatest fears faced by ship owners and operators. Unprofessional workmanship and unreliable service not only increases the risk of operational losses, and accidents , it can also result in unforeseen disasters , such as loss of lives and damage or loss of the ship Itself while in transit.
With alhadidico Marine services , our reputation is cemented by our numerous industry recognitions and accreditations . our expertise in maritime services is recognized by government agencies and industry players alik.
We also work hard to maintain such recognition and accreditation with our strict adherence to safety , health , quality and environment consciousness, ensuring that all our present and future clients enjoy the kind of services that only alhadidico marine services.
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